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Lauren is a Professional Makeup Artist & Creative Director who has a strong background working amongst multiple sectors of the art, beauty, and fashion industry.  

A confident flair is showcased when producing creative concepts and directing shoots, including styling, set layout and model direction. Six of Lauren's own design concepts have been published internationally, digitally and in print, within high-fashion and beauty magazines. She has most recently been published in British VOGUE & GEZNO magazine. 

A part of Lauren's experience reflects her participation in specialist training schemes for global luxury brands, such as Tom Ford Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, LA MER, Bobbi Brown, etc.  This training pursued growth to become an expert in Fragrance and Skin Care as well as Make-up artistry.

Adapting to become multi-branded and therefore multi-skilled has not only enhanced Lauren’s skillset for external work but enhanced her confidence in representing herself as a professional in the industry.

Hungry for knowledge and self-development, Lauren doesn't stop there and constantly attends masterclasses and workshops with industry leading Hair & Makeup Artists. 

Lauren is heavily inspired by the industry, typically focusing on influential artists such as Tim Walker who acquires a unique taste in perspective, set design and shoot concepts. Typical inspirations she often finds from nature, periodic genres, paintings, and artwork.  The feminine aspects of her work help tell a story through endless possibilities of enhancing natural beauty.

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